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Architectural Design Services in London, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire & Sussex

Our architectural and interior design work covers a wide variety of projects from extensions, conversions and complete individual private houses to alterations and commercial properties. In addition to providing some of the architectural services ourselves, on larger schemes, we often work as interior designers in conjunction with our clients’ architects.

From complete renovations, remodelling exteriors and interiors, to re-configuring and enlarging existing spaces, we have worked on historic buildings through to cutting-edge developments. With each project, we bring creative integrity, authenticity and craftsmanship:

  • Unified service: we can offer both architectural and design expertise, taking a single creative vision from start to finish to ensure how you want to live inside is flawlessly integrated with the building’s architectural style. The final result is both right for the place and right for you.
  • Whatever the size: for every project, large or small, we emphasise high quality design, an understanding of scale and proportion, intelligent care and attention to detail, and a building and space that feels timeless and appropriate to place. Our approach integrates each property’s location, culture, period and history with the design. Just as no two buildings have the same light, proportions, character, history or personality, no two clients have the same lives, needs, desires, tastes or dreams.
  • Collaborative and enjoyable: We work closely with our clients to make their vision a reality and take great pleasure in every stage of the process. It’s important that it’s fun, enjoyable and creatively satisfying – for us all!

Our Planning and Architectural Services include:

  • Consultations: Free initial consultation to discuss how we might work together
  • Feasibility: Feasibility Studies to explore estimated costs before beginning
  • Administration: We can coordinate all correspondence and paperwork, so you can relax in the knowledge that your project is in safe hands.
  • Organisation: We can act as your representative, liaising between you, the planning office, building control, the builders and other parties.
  • Surveys: Laser measured floor plans & site surveys. Philip is trained in LiDAR surveying, a laser precision measuring system which allows quick and accurate surveying and the subsequent creation of 3D project models.
  • CAD plans: An initial set of plans will be produced for discussion before planning.
  • CAD Planning Drawings: Drawings produced for extensions, external design and reconfiguration of existing areas to your brief and specific to your budget.
  • Planning: certificate of lawfulness; pre-application; planning application; resubmission; planning appeals; conservation area planning consent; listed building consent.
  • Illustrations: 3D – Photo-realistic imaging & 3D modelling, if required.
  • Post Planning: Structural engineer’s drawings and calculations; design amendments; building regulation drawings, if required; drain surveys; Thames Water build-over agreements; guidance on Party Wall Agreements and Surveyors; private building control; draughting services; creating Scopes of Work; creating tendering packs for building quotations; overseeing tendering for builder quotations; recommendation of builders and contractors; creating schedules of work and timetables for building contracts; facilitating building contracts; supervision and overseeing of building work.

Architectural design encompasses an extraordinary range of components which, when combined in the right way, create places for living where the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts. There is no such thing as one size fits all – each design must fit that particular building. For it’s the architectural design that can imbue a place with inherent beauty; not only does this beauty make the building itself more desirable, but it also significantly enhances the daily lived experience.

When I’m faced with a new design challenge, my mind whirrs with questions and possibilities:

  • What sort of design is going to feel most appropriate here?
  • What’s going to feel most settled, most natural, most intuitive?
  • What is going to suit the clients’ needs, lifestyle and desires?
  • What are the underlying landscape characteristics?
  • Are we adding onto a large house or a smaller building?
  • Does the original building have a strong existing character?
  • What’s the sense of scale?
  • What is the lay of the land: is it an open or wooded area?
  • And what are the views – is there water?
  • Is it appropriate here to create a story of slow, organic growth, or is it better to design something that juxtaposes new and old?
  • Will a traditional architectural design be best, or something more contemporary?

These are just some of the initial considerations that go into a new project. It’s also important, as part of this architectural design process, to lay out the interiors so you don’t end up with large empty spaces and no idea how they will be used or any sense of human scale. For instance, when drawing up the designs, before applying for planning, work out where the sockets and switches will go, the position of the plumbing and how the space flows. There needs to be a complete vision from the outset.

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Philip is an affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists as well a member of a number of architectural and urban design organisations.

“This was our first experience of using an interior designer on a commercial project and we count ourselves very lucky that we found Philip! His layouts made really effective use of the available spaces and his surveys, architectural and technical drawings, as well as his knowledge, were really impressive.”

– Events’ Space – Guildford